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The Honest (Thailand) Co.,LTD signature seating line features top quality Ergonomic Chair brand RICHEMULLER. Our Chair has been designed by focusing on ERGONOMIC factor. We consider the medical health of our customers and also design the product stylishly. 

RICHEMULLER's unique approach to services provides to offer Ergonomic and Design Chair that meet customers' needs across industries and countries. We are recognized as a trusted partner for improved quality, and efficient of Ergonomic Chair manufacturing in high standard project and individual consumer.

At RicheMuller Design we view good as the key to a good working environment and good ergonomics. We commit to this by taking a holistic approach to the interplay between human beings.and the workplace. This includes being able to influence workplace decisions. as well as experiencing satisfaction in one’s work.

We handle our deliveries with care and make sure that thay are on time,
we maintain high quality standards thoughout and have high environmental armbitions. Our work is based on solid craftsmanship
always moving forward, always gaining new ground. Manufacturing nearly all our products in Markaryd benefits the whole production chain.

We proudly collaborate with designers who are renowned for their sense 
of quality and timeless designs. Contributing to attractive, interiors all over  the world, where people can become more positive and creative, places a special added-value on our our work.
A worldwide network of our supplier companies and distributors with a thorough worldwide target markets and client requirements underlie RICHEMULLER's high level of market and after sale service customer proximity. Committed to its rigorous quality standards, RICHEMULLER guarantees for the excellence of our products and services.

We appreciate the opportunity to be considered to supply the best quality ergonomic chairs for valuable customer. Should you require
any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to the RicheMuller Design Atmosphere!

Please Come and Visit The World Class Ergonomic Chair at Our  SHOWROOM
T:  +6622-625-3158
M: +668-9233-9085
M: +668-6509-4448

RicheMuller Ergonomic Chair Showroom :
Please Visit US at:
5th Floor : Silom Complex Shopping Plaza
(Connection to BTS Saladaeng Station)


The Honest (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. All Seasons Place 87/2 Wireless Road36/F CRC TowerLumpini, PhatumwanBangkok 10330 Thailand
www.thehonest.co.th T: +66 2625 3158 M: +6686 509 4448